How to deliver Value to your audience


Offering value is the most effective way to grow your audience. Many businesses often make the mistake of not delivering enough value, instead they think that simply posting content is enough, it isn’t.

Think of your brand as a TV Channel. Nobody will want to watch your programmes if they aren’t any good. You can be broadcasting all day long but you’ll never get and keep viewers unless your shows are worth watching.

When TV shows are good, everyone wants to watch - think Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead. You have to be the HBO or Netflix of your industry, putting out compelling, insightful and valuable content that people can’t and won’t ignore.

By valuable content I mean, is has to be at least one of the following:


Educating others about your industry, imparting your knowledge and sharing your experiences is a great way to build your reputation. This could be done by teaching others what you know and/or being available to answer questions.


Relevant information that your audience can use immediately to improve something in their personal or professional lives. ‘How To’ Guides, specially curated lists and helpful tips are all examples of useful content that is popular and very easy to compile.


The best form of entertaining content always provokes emotion, making us feel happy, sad, shocked, astonished etc. By injecting emotion into content, not only will it resonate, but it is far more likely to get shared organically amongst your audience, which will in turn increase awareness of who you are and what you do.

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