Making good use of my time and staying focused

featherandsagedesign Making good use of my time and staying focused is a daily struggle. Sticking to a productive schedule, and letting go of time robbing tasks like those that veer off the path towards my ultimate daily and/or yearly goals is essential.

thadcoxdesign@featherandsagedesign. It's good that you are setting goals. Make sure you set them, reverse engineer the steps it will take to achieve them and the break that down into weekly tasks. Check you are on course to hit your weekly targets.

I would also give your day some structure. Write down 3 things that you could do everyday that would mean it was a success if you only did those 3 things. They must be things that will have a big impact and usually 1 or more is hard, but you must push through and get 3 done everyday.

Outside of that you need to give yourself the best chance of success by minimizing distractions and eliminating interruptions. Switch off notifications on your phone, go somewhere quiet to work and don't allow anyone to interrupt you.

So, tell them that you are working for 1 hour and mustn't be disturbed. If it is important, they can write it down and you will deal with it once you are finished. If a thought pops into your head, write it down on a piece of paper and ignore it. If it pops into your head again, you can dismiss it as you have already written it down. Again after the hour is up, you will deal with it.

I've written articles all about his on my blog. have a read and let me know what you think.

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