Choosing your Target Market

In order to create a Brand that will be successful as a business and that resonates with your customers, you will need to establish a few things early on.

  • Who are those services for?
  • What services are you providing?
  • Why should they choose you?

Without first clarifying this, it is hard to be specific and build resonance as your offering will be to generic and ultimately forgettable. This week I will be dealing with how to choose your target market.


It is crucial to know exactly you are aiming your services at. The more specific, the better as you can be very precise in your message. By concentrating on one group you can begin to learn what they need in the short term, their longer term goals.

You can find out what they are struggling with, what their pain points are and start offering solutions to help solve them.

You will begin to learn where they hang out, how to reach them through targeted marketing and start to use your services to help them overcome their problems and achieve their goals.


Shout above the noise

By not being specific enough in your messaging, it's hard to get people's attention. When we here adverts or see links to articles that don't seem that relevant to us, we switch off. We have all become very adept at tuning out the relentless spam and rubbish that bombards us every day.

Unless you can cut through the noise, you'll never get noticed and not only this, but you will be competing alongside hundreds, maybe even thousands of other businesses. You'll end up spreading yourself too thin to make an impact and will eventually run out of resources.

It's much easier to concentrate on winning the attention of one group, than it is trying to appeal to anyone who works within that industry. They all have very specific needs, wants and desires, and so it's impossible to craft a compelling message that successfully addresses all of these in a way that positions you are their first choice.


Build up, then out.

By initially concentrating on winning over that one group, it's easier to build your reputation. Once you have built your reputation, you can then look to expand into other areas. This could be by offering services that compliment what you are doing to the same audience

For example: You could start out by offering branding for pizza restaurants, but then you could also offer to design websites for pizza restaurants. After that you can expand into content marketing and social media management for pizza restaurants.

Alternatively you could go from offering branding for pizza restaurants, to also offering branding for burger restaurants and then branding for coffee shops. You build on your success and use those transferable skills to help others in a similar market.

However it's crucial to remember that people will only be prepared to take you up on these additional services if you have already established your reputation as being trustworthy and competent at what you do.


Your connection deepens with each job

Another advantage to staying more concentrated and choosing to work with a specif group is that you learn more and more about them with each job that passes. Simply by spending time together working through their issues, you will learn what they are struggling with, what their dreams are why they picked you.

This insight is gold as you can use it to double down on what go their attention and why they chose you. For example, by knowing how they found you will help you know where you need to concentrate your marketing and self promotion.


You can choose who you want to work with.

The freedom to be able to choose who you want to work with is huge. You're not being dictated to by an agency, so you won't end up working for someone who you dislike or who bores you.

Your energy, curiosity and passion for this group will make you more memorable when you do get in front of potential clients and will keep you going, stop you from getting bored.


Who do you want to work with?

It doesn't always have to be a group you've never worked with. Sometimes it's easier to start with a target market with who you have had some previous experience of working with.

Maybe it's an industry you've grown up in or always been fascinated by? Any knowledge you can bring will give you an advantage, but this shouldn't be the reason you choose them as if your heart isn't in it, you'll lose interest further down the line.

Alternatively, it could be a group you want to learn more about? It doesn't matter which one, but the key is to pick one and dive right in.


What do you know about them?

You need to know as much as possible about this group, so do plenty of research. Try to find out what their pain points are, what are their more urgent short term needs and what do they dream of achieving with their life and business long term.

This knowledge builds trust. They will feel you understand them and can relate to them as you are learning about issues that go far deeper than superficial surface level problems. They will also appreciate your knowledge of their industry and your track record of achieving success for your clients.


Create specific marketing just for them

Knowing about your target in depth means that you can connect with them on a deeper level by using the language they understand and can relate to. This authenticity and dedication to their specific industry will make you stand out from the competition. In-jokes, cult heroes and niche phrases will all communicate that you understand exactly who they are, where they are coming from and what they need to achieve their goals both short and long term.


Find out where do they hang out

One of the other advantages of speaking to a specific group is that you can find out where their attention is and get your services in front of them. This could be through collaboration with respected influencers, writing articles for blogs they read, targeted Facebook advertising, going to conferences and networking events.

It's not forever

Most people are reluctant to concentrate on one target market as they worry that they will be stuck working with that target market for years. This doesn't have to be the case as you can try out working a specific target market for just 6 months. if you don't find it rewarding or discover something you don't like, then just change to another target market.

Eventually it will click and things will really take off and even if this does take a while, it will generate better results in the long term that doing what most people do at the moment and try and sell their services to everyone at once.

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