Supercharge your Brand by creating Experiences

When you develop an emotional connection, you create a customer for life.

The most successful brands go beyond a logo and work extremely hard to create a valuable, emotional experience for their customers.

Great brands understand that when you develop an emotional connection with a consumer, you create a customer for life. If you want to create a great brand for yourself or a client, considering their experience as part of the branding strategy is crucial.

If we have a great experience with a brand such as a restaurant, hotel or a coffee shop, we are far more likely to want to go back there. Not only will we go back there, but we will pay more for the experience because it resonates with us in our values. We will want to share the experience with our friends and family online, and we all know that 'word-of-mouth' promotion is the most powerful and efficient way of spreading awareness about a brand organically.

Experiences and memories last longer and are far more cherished.

When you are having an enjoyable experience, you completely forget that you are being sold to. As mentioned before it encourages organic word of mouth promotion through the sharing of photos, videos and conversations.

You have a chance to create a deeper more meaningful bond with your customers, and that will result in a lot more repeat business as people will come back for more. This experience with your brand will become part of the customer's lives and routines (a morning coffee from your favourite coffee shop), it will become a tradition (like the annual family trip to Cornwall).

How can you create experiences that people take away and want to share?
• Create a themed event around a product or service
• Engage the senses
• Giveaway memorabilia