Finding your style

Q: "I worry if my work is too varied and that my personal style won't be as strong as it should be?"

A: "This is a huge one. I too struggle trying to balance ‘my style’ and doing work for the client that is appropriate. Even if I have a style, I certainly can’t see it!

I find that it is just an evolution of my style and this changes as I develop. I’m not too concerned about it at the moment as I know even the greats such as Picasso had multiple styles throughout his life:

I know that ‘niching down' is good as you have a better chance of establishing yourself within that niche, but I think it takes quite a long while (long than most would like to admit) to find your style, so don’t place to much pressure on yourself as your work is great!

Do what you love and focus on producing the type of work you want to get hired for."

Have a listen to this podcast to see if that helps:

Thad CoxComment