Staying creative in a fast paced enviroment! It's a real challenge!


Q: "I'm struggling to staying creative in a fast paced environment. I'm a graphic designer for a retail company and it's a real challenge!"

A: "It's tough, but it's important to pinpoint what you are struggling with. Is it that you are getting jaded by the volume of the work required or that you can't keep up with so many stylistic changes.

If it's the workload, then you need to find ways of working smart as well as hard. Can you improve your workflow or delegate jobs to others you work with?

If you are getting frustrated with continual stylistic changes, then you need to take a step back so you can see trends emerging. If you can spot them before anyone else it not only sets you apart, but will buy you time as your designs will stay current for longer.

Thad CoxComment