I'm scared to show my work

"The always fear of putting my designs out there you know being so afraid of people's opinion. It took me like 2 months to do my portfolio and brand and I still feel like is not good!"

It's tough because we all suffer with a crisis of confidence when it comes to our own work as are too close to it. We know everything about it and can only see what needs improving. This is good for maintaining high standards, but bad when it comes to being objective about our our work.

The often overlooked achievement is just putting the work out the in the first place. It's like being a bedroom DJ that never plays in a club. What's the point of wanting to be a DJ if nobody will hear you play?

You have to get out there and let the world see your work. You'll soon realise that it's far better than you thought, especially when you see it through the eyes of someone else.

The more you turn around, the quicker you improve and lose your fear of publishing work.

You have to see the work as a stepping stone to getting better. We never reach perfection, we just gradually get better and the quickest way to reach your peak, is to gain more experience from doing more work.

The quicker it's published, the sooner you are onto something new and the greater the chances are of your work being discovered by a potential client.

90% done and published is better than 95% done and never published.
Thad CoxComment