The importance of saying NO


hello_im_nik "Hey Thad - at the moment I'm seriously busy, and I'm struggling to retain boundaries, so because I don't want to let anyone down I'm working myself to death. Ive been ill 4 times in the last month - I used to be good at saying no but struggling right now. Any advice?"


thadcoxdesign Learning to say no is extremely important. I would encourage you to say no to taking on immediate jobs and instead try to schedule jobs in advance. By saying no, scheduling the work in advance and building in time buffers you should be able to get more structure in your life.

For every job that you take on and on extra 20-30%. So a 3 week job has 4 weeks set aside for it. Unfortunately some clients won't like this, but these aren't the clients you want to be working with as they don't respect you or how you work.

I think you will be surprised at how many clients will buy into this strategy providing that you explain that this is how you work and in order to do your best work you have to focus 100% of the time and you cannot be distracted by other jobs.

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