Design styles that raise the quality of your brand instantly.


Why does this matter?

It comes down to the value brand perception of a product or service. If you are looking to elevate the quality of your brand, charge more or capture a new position in your market by offering and limited edition deluxe version, then the quality of your Brand design will help you do this.


What are the design characteristics of a quality brand?

To change the perception of your brand, you have to change how it looks. It has to feel more luxurious, stylish and refined. There are several characteristics that are used time and again to set a quality brand apart from it's rivals. These include: A limited colour palette, elegant typefaces, wide letter spacing and a minimalist style. Here are some examples:

Wide Letterspacing

Limited Colour Palette

Handwritten / Script typeface

Minimalist layout

All these qualities convey confidence and authority. Essentially it is a sense of restraint and conviction in only using the minimum required that makes these brands feel important. Every design decision is deliberate and has it's place, nothing is wasted or has been added for decorative effect. Limited colours make the the brand more distinctive and easy to recognise and when combined with gold and silver foils, feel decadent and luxurious. Every design has a tactile quality, you want to touch it, to feel the quality.

A quick Brand Comparison

An example of a regular product and it's 'quality' upgrade. Here Tesco justifies a rise in price through the use of:

  1. A refined colour palette of black, white and gold.
  2. Handcrafted feel through textured craft paper/card.
  3. Evocative description of better ingredients (vine-ripened tomatoes, mascarpone and tangy Italian Parmiginao Reggiano).
  4. Wide letterspacing for 'rich and creamy'.
  5. Making the customer aware that it is award winning.
  6. Sophisticated ingredient illustrations.
  7. A stylish serif typeface compare to a almost childish hand-drawn one

typefaces of distinction

Here are some of my favourite typefaces and colour palettes for your next project.

Refined Colour Palettes

I created some refined colour palettes to use in your next project. You don't need to use all 4 options as usually 3 will do it, especially when combined with black and white.

Some famous brands, re-branded.

Here I have applied these styles to well know brands to show you just how effective they are at raising the perception of quality of a product through branding alone.

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* This article was originally published last year but has been updated.

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