Pricing for my work


Q: "Pricing is currently my biggest struggle, I follow the conventional thought of not pricing too low, but that leads to my other struggle of not being able to turn leads into deposit paying clients. What do I do?"

A: This is not easy to sum up as there are many subtle nuances to pricing, but it's all about how you position yourself. If you end up discounting your work or pricing too low, it’s a race to the bottom between you and those who can undercut you.

Not only is this a bad place to be, but it attracts terrible clients who are purely focused on saving money and although this isn't a problem as all clients are, they are less like to appreciate your skills.

The key is to raise your profile above the rest and be an investment, not a cost. The easiest way to do this is to demonstrate your expertise and show that you can solve problems and help grow businesses. This is done through writing about your expertise, case studies and testimonials….as well as doing great work! 

Thad Cox3 Comments