How to deal with nightmare clients

 Don from Sexy Beast.

Don from Sexy Beast.

vfd42What do you do when a you are dealing with a bad client who won't listen to what you say or respect your process?

thadcoxdesign@vfd42 Firstly you have to be professional and see the job through and then make a note to not work with them in the future and to learn from the mistake you made.

The truth is that there are no such thing as nightmare clients, they are just clients that the designer has allowed to become a nightmare by not setting boundaries early on.

It's important to screen for possible nightmare clients before you agree to work with them and watch for red flags during the initial discussion phase.

I have a questionnaire on my site that they have to fill out if they want to contact me. They won't find my email or mobile number anywhere and this is very deliberate. Those who take the time to fill it out often are great clients who are respectful of my process and are fun to work with.

Also, don't be afraid to fire a current client who is proving to be difficult. Simply explain your creative differences and direct them toward someone or somewhere that may help - like 99designs for example.


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