Time management when juggling multiple large projects.


zephyr.studio: Time management when juggling multiple large projects. How many hours a day to dedicate to each? That's been my biggest struggle lately, once I get going it's difficult to stop, but I have to dedicate time to the other jobs.

I recently brought on some other freelancers to delegate work to. The thing is I feel like I'm spending as much time preparing their work and going back and forth with them than if I were to just do it myself.


thadcoxdesign: Easy. Don't juggle multiple projects at once. Schedule them out with time buffers so there's no overlap. You're only killing yourself and not doing your work justice if you're not able to focus on it 100%.

It's a scarcity mindset. Be more confident with scheduling work in advance. Clients will accept it when you explain why you have changed the way you work. Ask them to pay a 25% deposit to secure their place in the queue.

Once you start doing this, you'll never go back. 😉

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