What advice do you have for students trying to get their first job?

stacie_kam - "What advice do you have for students going out to search for their first full time post-graduate job?"

thadcoxdesign - Work out how to be memorable so you stand out from your competition.

Do your homework on where you want to get a job. Put the effort into winning over the person of influence in the agency you want to work at.

Win their heart first by choosing something the love that isn't related to their job (favourite team, food, place, person etc) then win their head by showing your talent through whatever you do.

Create an irresistible gift/bribe by combining the 2 qualities into a custom piece made just for them. Like I said, you have to be very specific as these gifts are time consuming and only work for one person, so make sure your do research to identify the person in power, who works from the number one place you want to work.

After that you have to be be patient, respectful of their time and realistic. The gift may not work, they may not have any opportunities available, but it will get you noticed so that when an opportunity opens up, you'll be the first person they think of.


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