How can I grow my following and become an influencer?


imani.gladney - I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel and be a 'influencer' on Instagram and Twitter. I've started the Instagram part but it hasn't been going well. Is there any way I can improve or promote my self better?

thadcoxdesign Firstly, stick to one platform and build that. I recommend Instagram as it has a friendly community and the attention of users is high. Then use that to drive your audience to another platform such as Snapchat. If you are comfortable on video, then start with Snapchat as this is the emerging platform that will be huge in a year's time.

You have to offer more value to your audience. Give away great content that is valuable to them, not you. They will determine what is valuable, but it usually falls into 3 main categories: informative, helpful or entertaining.

Take time and care to slowly build your following. Curate what you share, do it consistently and then ask people what they want more of. Test out different types of content and double down on what is popular.

Brands approach 'Influencers' because they have an influence over their audience. You need to watch for the right metrics. Watch for like and comments, not follower numbers. You need to have good engagement with your content to know that it is resonating and that people are paying attention to what you do.

It's hard work, but if you are social (commenting and liking other people's work and asking audience questions) you'll grow faster. Expose yourself to other people's audiences through collaborations, guesting on other people's platforms and account takeovers.

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