Give, Give and Give some more.


Many businesses make the mistake of using their content as a way of selling their products & services to people before they are ready to be sold to. This results in people switching off, blocking their messages and unfollowing their business.

The key is to rely on the ‘law of reciprocity’. To give so much so that when you do ask for a sale, you can go all in and your fans will feel obliged to buy from you because you have given them so much value beforehand.

This is how and why you should keep giving away great content.


Other business won't feel comfortable creating content that isn't selling something. They will compromise on quality because they are overly keen to sell.

Use this an as opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition by selflessly creating great content without the hard sell.

Your generosity won't go unnoticed and it will be very much appreciated by your audience.


Again, this is something that your rivals will be uncomfortable doing. Take advantage of this and establish your reputation as the best source for valuable information about your industry.

The best content is the most shared and endorsed, so no only will this scare your rivals, but it will also organically raise awareness of who you are and what you do. People will naturally assume you know even more than you are giving away, do always give away your best 10%.


Not everyone is ready to purchase from you at the moment, but their circumstances or the circumstances of someone they know might change. When they do change (and they will) and they will need what you are offering, how are they going to remember you?

By putting out valuable content, you maintain a connection. They are still following you and so therefore you stay top of mind. But this will only happen if your content is genuinely great and not 'salesy'.

The thing to clarify is that I'm not advocating giving away valuable products or services, but instead give away some that your audience will value, but won't have any financial implications on your business or will costs you money.

Advice, tips and resources are all excellent examples of free content you can give away to your audience.


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