What's best way to get your first client if you're a newbie?


I'm a newly "into the field" freelancer and was wondering if you had any advice on the best way to get your first client?

You need to build trust and prove to them that you are worth hiring. This comes down to having good work, but also including case studies and testimonials to provide validation and an insight to your process.

These allow potential clients to see how you work and what they can expect. It also provides social proof as they can see that other people who have worked with you have been pleased by your skills

If you don't have case studies or testimonials, then offer to do pro-bono work for family and friends to get these and gain experience.

I would also make sure that you are able to deliver on your promises. Your skills have to be highly polished and you must never try to mislead the client into thinking you are better than you are. So I would encourage you to continue to take the latest online courses to keep your standards high.

Thad CoxComment