Should I work with difficult clients?


Q: "Hey @thadcoxdesign What about clients who want to work with you, but you're not happy/proud about it?"

A: Ideally you should try not to work with those type of clients s they will always bring headaches and the bigger and often overlooked danger is that they can kill your love for what you do.

However if you already are, then you must finish any jobs that you are working on. It is important to be as professional as possible as to not damage your reputation within your industry. After that you will need to make sure you are screening for future clients that have the potential to turn into nightmare clients as well as actively pruning any other bad ones from your client list.

Difficult clients drain your energy and take up space on your roster that could be filled with great ones. They often want to you produce work you don't like and aren't proud of.  If you're not proud of it, then it serves no purpose as you can't use it to attract better clients.

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