what does your day look like?


atulpradhananga - "What does your day look like & what are some things you do everyday or every week to move your business & life forward?"


thadcoxdesign - I get up at 5am / 6am to work for an hour. Then I prepare breakfast for my family, drop them at school and the hit the gym. I go 2/3 times a week as I have a sweet tooth and probably spend too much time in front of a screen!

After that I work / have meetings until around 3pm before picking the kids up from school. I usually spend my time until 9pm with them watching TV, helping with homework and preparing food, having dinner with my wife and putting them to bed. Then I work again from 9pm until 11pm.

To stay sharp I am always listening to podcasts, watching documentaries and forcing myself to stay up to date with design trends. I also continually reassess where I am and want to go and will always have a to do list of personal jobs to help grow my business 😊

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