How do I create client contract?


wilsonnws7 - "How do I create an agreement with client? How and what should I do?"


thadcoxdesign - The best investment you will ever make is to find a local lawyer or solicitor and ask them to draw up a simple contract that is bespoke to what you do. It might set you back up to $500, but trust me it will secure you so much money in the future from potential clients who might look to take advantage.

There is nothing worse than having done the work for a client and they start to become evasive when it comes to settling the bill. You feel completely powerless and what a good contract will do is scare them into not messing you around.

Each scenario is different, which is why it's important to have one drawn up that suits you, but a few things to cover include:

  • Who owns the rights to the work before and after payment in full.
  • Payments for a job - 50% up front, 50% upon completion.
  • That you aren't liable for what the client chooses to do with the work after completion
  • Job start and finish dates and how if the client makes changes this will affect the completion date and the fee must be renegotiated to reflect these changes.

If it's going to be too expensive for you at the moment, maybe you can do some sort of 'value exchange' where you offer to do some design work for them in exchange for the contract.

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