What do you do when your client says something that kills your confidence?


coffeebreakdown - "What do you do when your client says something that kills your confidence? As a newbie I consider myself so fortunate to be contacted for any capacity of work but when the client "talks down", for lack of a better phrase, what should I do? Obviously I'm keeping my head up and pushing through to do the best work possible but it stung. How do I keep my cool and confidence?"


thadcoxdesign I think the problem is how you value yourself in relation to the client. When you say that you 'feel fortunate to be contacted by the client', this immediately puts them in a position of power. When they are in this position (or you allow them to take this position), they will talk down to you.

You have to do establish yourself as the professional and be firm.

If you have the mindset that you will only choose to work with good clients and will dismiss any bad ones, it makes it easier to be more confident. You will attract good clients by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise through case studies and testimonials.

Also, being able to accept criticism is a very important skill. If you can embrace the criticism and find the positive in it then you will set yourself apart from thousands of others who simply hate criticism. This book will help: The Obstacle is the Way: The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage.

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