Am I good enough to have a career in Graphic Design?

lauren_dransfield - I'm wanting to study graphic design at uni but I'm worried that if I tried to follow a career in graphic design that my work will not be up to standard and therefore no one will hire me.

thadcoxdesign:  Although university is great, it's expensive. I think everyone should go because it gives you a chance to 'grow up' and get used to being more responsible - Living away from parents, dealing with hangovers, having your heart broken etc. You can get all that out of the way before you get a job.

But I would ask you to consider the workplace you will be going into by the time you graduate in 3-4 years. The traditional route of doing a degree to get a job is disappearing. Many are self taught and online education is on the rise. I wouldn't worry about the standard of a portfolio 4 years into the future!

The main factors are work ethic and love of design. The rest can be taught. I would try doing some online classes with @skillshare or @creativelive and see how that goes. If you love it, then look at maybe collaborating with others online and networking with other remote freelancers. Alternatively, you can get an internship at an agency and learn 'on the job'.

You don't need to be hired by someone else to have a career in design.

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