I'm torn between offering broad services or niching down.


Q: "We just opened up shop in the Midwest a few weeks ago and I'm torn between offering broad and varied services (interior, woodworking, and graphic) or focusing in on just our two true specialties (interior and woodworking). We do graphic well but it's not the direction we want to end up in. It IS however the most approachable/affordable way find clients I think. I can see both sides broad: establish more clients, spread the word etc...focused: keep it clean and establish our identity right off the bat! Thoughts?"

Thad: "This is really hard as you will know your business better than me, but generally whenever I come across similar situations the recommended route is always to niche down. If you narrow your focus, you can target a very specific audience.

The advantage of this is that you know where to find them and so you can market to them in a way that will resonate with them. Once you have established yourself within this niche, you can broaden your services and move in to other areas.

The risk of offering everything is that you will struggle to build a reputation as you're responding yourself too thin, Therefore not making the impact you want.

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