Supercharge your Brand through Storytelling

A good story is the backbone of word-of-mouth marketing.

As humans, we are wired to enjoy, remember and retell stories. Before stories could be written down, they were passed on through generations over the camp fire. If you need further proof of just how much we love stories, just look at the movie industry, possibly the biggest business in the world.



When you are a good told a story, that captivates your imagination, you don’t daydream. Your brain pays full attention and doesn’t get distracted, meaning that a compelling and immersive story is far more likely to be remembered.

People live vicariously through the stories of others in movies and songs, that’s why they are so powerful. We form an emotional connection with the characters in the story, and it’s this emotional charge that helps them to live longer in our minds and the minds of our customers.



Keep it simple, relatable and always look at it from the point of view of a potential customer. If it’s not relevant or interesting to them, they won’t remember it. As you craft your story, remember people like talking about brands and individuals who:

  • Inspire them
  • Challenge them
  • Educate them
  • Get them emotionally charged



Don’t make the common mistake of talking about yourself, step aside and put the interests of others first. Always think: How does that benefit the needs of my customers?

Topics to consider include:
The origin of the brand - Why you are passionate about the business?
What is it that drives you? - What life experiences have you had that you bring to the business to make it special?



How has your business helped transform the life of a customer? Has it had an impact on the local community? What is it’s unseen legacy? Making the customer the hero by showcasing their success and how you helped play a role in that success.

Talk to your clients, find out what they are up to, how you play a role in their lives? Why they choose you? How did they hear about you? What do they tell others about you? Why do they like you more than the competition?

Having an outside perspective from people you trust, will provide a huge amount of valuable insight. Start asking questions, listening to their answers and telling stories.


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