How to cope with working for a difficult boss.


flyhawaii - When working in-house for an employer, I always find it hard to stay inspired and motivated. Especially when the employer destroys every piece of work you create. Any good tips for avoiding burnout?

thadcoxdesign This is a real pain. I'm sorry to hear that. In-house design jobs can suck as there isn't much variety and often as an in-house designer, you aren't given much creative control.

My advice? I would say that you should probably leave for somewhere more inspiring. But I know it's not that simple, so you need to be strategic and make the most of a bad situation. If you love the job, you may have to look into moving away from this boss or hoping they get promoted / fired.

Other than that you will need to learn to turn 'Shit into Sugar'. I wrote an article all about this here: It talks about how to use the position to learn all the skills you will need to get your dream job or go it alone: Invoicing, contract, pitching, getting clients, networking etc.

This way you can be getting something out of it now, which will leave to better prepared for your next job and will help you to avoid making the same mistakes as before.

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