seeing a project through without becomeing bored

Q: "I'm struggling with following through with design to the end. Any tips?"

A: This is such a common problem for all designers. The project was exciting in the beginning, but is now becoming a drag. So when you are starting to become bored seeing a project through I'd try a few things:

1) Talk to others to ignite excitement. Those who have liked it previously and are not so close to it. Clients, other designers, mentors will all remind you why the project is important.

2) Try to have other smaller projects on the go during the process to give you much needed breaks. Working on something else for a while and then coming back to it is far easier than getting bored by the same old work again and again..

3) Reward yourself when you see it through. Like having a treat after an intense workout. Use the reward as motivation to push through and finish

Thad CoxComment