Why are the added benefits of choosing your Brand?

Looking forward to 2017 I wanted to get your thinking about your brand and what you offer. Not just in a more literal way in terms of the service your provide, but in a more lateral way to consider how your service changes the lives of your customers and clients for the better.

Of course there will be financial benefits, but what else? What about the positive physical, emotional and spiritual side effects working with you? Here are 4 categories that I feel are the most important to consider.



This is the biggest one. It's also the most tangible to define and does lead into the others. They will have more money as their business will be more successful. They can begin to dream about growing their business, buying nice things, having a nicer way of life and leaving a legacy for their family to inherit



Although there is a lot of overlap between this and spiritual, the main benefits focus on being less stressed about where the money is coming from and worrying about being able to sustain the business. This will make clients feel happier, more content with what they do, more patient at home with their loved ones and more understanding and appreciative of their staff at work.



This is linked to the emotional as they will be less stressed because the business is doing better and their financial worries are disappearing. It comes back to not overworking to keep the business afloat, which means they can sleep better, have time for exercise and can spend time eating properly with their friends and family.



This is often overlooked and although very personal, it will generally come down to clients feeling good about themselves. About their business, how they treat others, not feeling guilty spending too much time at work away from their family.


Now it's your turn

List the benefits your clients will receive from working with you:

  • Financial (How will they make more money?)
  • Emotional (What positive emotions will they feel?)
  • Physical (What positives will happen / negatives will be taken away?)
  • Spiritual (How will all the above make people happier in a more meaningful way?)
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