How do I avoid getting distracted?

nerdsruletheworld - I've been having the issue of staying on track. As in I will be working on a piece, I seem to only work on it for an hour or so before i get bored or distracted. Any advice?

thadcoxdesign That's perfectly normal. Your brain can't cope with much more without a break. Try working in more shorter, sharper bursts of 20 minutes.

Use the Pomodero Technique and vary the focus of the project or change the project for each block. That way you are doing concentrated work across a variety of projects without getting bored.

Another trick to try is Sean McCabe's Whiteboard Trick. If a thought pops into your head, write it down on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Now you know that if it pops into your head again you can ignore it and deal with it after you're finished.

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