How can I get better at pairing fonts?

wittymadepretty - I'm struggling with finding good font pairings on my own (without just looking at lists of font pairings.) What are the most important things to look for when you've got one font and you're looking for a mate?

thadcoxdesign@wittymadepretty - I pick a theme that suits the project and then choose fonts that work within that theme.

So, if the theme is rustic and outdoorsy for example, I look for fonts that convey that with textures and a hand drawn feel. Then I'm looking at using different fonts to give my text a hierarchy of importance so it can be understood easily.

This breaks down into headlines, sub headlines, titles and text.

This could be done all within one type family by varying the weights (light, regular, bold) and case of the font used (uppercase or lowercase).

Start simple with 2 styles such as 'serif & sans-serif' or 'sans-serif & condensed' and then vary their sizes and weights to see what works. I don't go with strict rules because I feel that if you follow the same lists as everyone else, then everyone's work looks the same. I go with what I think is right for the project and I believe that like anything, you get better the more you do it.

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