Why I can't live without Sanebox

Until I discovered Sanebox I was drowning in email. Not only was I receiving lots of unimportant emails, but was missing the ones worth reading. I'd tried to tidy up my inbox but the junk filter was rubbish so discovering Sanebox was a lifesaver.

What is Sanebox

SaneBox restores sanity to your inbox by prioritising the incoming email that actually matters and is relevant to your day. Less important emails are automatically filtered into a separate folder and then summarised in a daily digest.

How does it work?

SaneBox doesn't send or receive your email. It simply works with your current email provider to ensure only important/relevant emails land in your inbox. Everything else is filtered into your new SaneLater folder

When you sign up for SaneBox, we establish a secure connection with your email server so we can monitor incoming email. Our robots analyze your past interactions with your email to figure out what’s important to you. As email comes into your inbox, we determine its importance and request the server to move it to its appropriate location.

Sanebox and Dropbox

Large attachments are a pain, they clog up your inbox and take ages to download, especially when being viewed on a mobile. Fortunately Sanebox automatically copies them to your Dropbox folder and includes a link in the email from which they can be downloaded at any time. This email can be forwarded on for the recipient to download them from the same link.

Sanebox Folders

Sanebox has a selection of different folders that all have specific features. Here is a rundown.

Defer Folders

Sane Remindme

Sane Blackhole

Useful Links:

You can try it for free for 14 days by signing up here: https://www.sanebox.com/home

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