Colour Matching

One of the most common problems I used to come across was matching the colours for an client project across different medias and platforms. For example, how would you get consistency of tone for a colour that would appear in a website, in a PDF, on a business card and on a printed product such as bag or t-shirt? Online you go by HEX Colour or RGB, print you go for CMYK or Pantone.

It's a nightmare.

Until now. I recently came across this wonderful site that will match the colours for you!

Type the colour value in and it will export that colour in 8 different calibrations that all closely match each other. These can then be copied and pasted across any project and you can work with peace of mind knowing that they will all come out just as you planned.

In future posts I'll be discussing how to build a colourscheme and where to find inspiration. if you have any questions on anything about design, marketing or business please drop me an email or connect with me on social media and I'll answer them for you.